Chronicles of the 4th circle

Session 3
Recalled by Baltar

Now this is what i call a dungeon Crawl, we stumbled into another room filled with Goblin scum, and the Cleric blew the element of surprise, so I had to Rush in and bring up the heat. even though foe’s started to evaporate, others joined in the fray, the elf and eladrin ranged pretty well, and the priest bullrushed a goblin to a nearby hole ( gutsy move ). while dealing with the last goblin from afar, the priest managed to fall to the hole, and a a roaring sound echoed. since i reckoned that whatever is down there will eat him, by the time we pull him out, i jumped right in.

it was a hard battle, but we triumphed over the giant lizards, with the aid of Moradin we managed to take them out. we worked together pretty well. after a hard battle, the elf scouted the perimeter. the Eladrin ( or as my people call them “magical midgets” ) performed some sort of weird ritual, looks fishy… better keep an eye on that midget.

we found one of the survivors…. she’ll wait till we come for her again…. can’t take her with us since she won’t shut up. we go back up to find another chamber with a shimmering picture, the midget says it’s some sort of portal, and once we enter the room, 3 blobs come out. one shapeless orange, and 2 humanoid green shapes, the are very fierce, and it took everything we had to take them out. we all did very well i managed to pull their attacks, and the others did their part. the cleric healed, the elf’s shots were accurate and the midget is very powerful….. a magical midget indeed.

this place is hard, but by the Aid of Moradin we will triumph and prevail. “I am the righteous shield of Moradin, and a sword in his mighty hand! I fear no evil!”

Session 2
Recalled by the DM

The party questioned a captured hobgoblin from the attacks and had him draw a map for them to the base of the new Red Hand – the ruins of an old castle named Rivenroar.

As they reached the mountains where the castle is located, Eldarwen took it upon himself to guide them through the trecherous mountain passes. Although he managed to get somewhat lost, he did finally lead the party to the ruins of the castle, not before leading them into the lair of a vicious bear. The fight with the bear, ended with Kabalore sending the wounded bear over the ledge of the cliff on which they were fighting.

The castle was completely ruined. The only intact remnant was the door built into the face of the cliff leading to the catacombs. As they entered the catacombs, they faced their first obstacle in the form of 2 hobgoblins and 2 goblins guarding the entrance hall to the catacombs.

After a long an hard battle, the party was victorious although Geralt nearly met his match in the battle, and ended up unconcious.

Session 1
Recalled by Kabalore

It was business as usual in the Antler tavern. Gamblers where cheating, shady characters where hiding in dark corners, wenches had their daily insults and harassment share delivered on time and the innkeeper was getting ready for the health inspection by spitting and wiping every single mug and pint. I was sitting in the corner minding my own business, trying my best to recollect bits and pieces of the forest from my blurry, at best, memory of the tower and its surroundings. The wench kept on interfering me with more food and ale suggestions reminding me I don’t have enough money to pay for what I already consumed. Adding to that was the noise coming from the three gamblers in the opposite side of the inn, they where loud enough to break my concentration every time I was on the verge of remembering an important detail. If that wasn’t enough, the stench from the lizard in an armor was nothing but insult, why in the name of the nine hells they teach their wyrmlings how to use a furnace but not how to use a bloody soap? I don’t know why but, from all the mead-joints in all the cities in all the world, they had to walk into mine?

Large furry goons with weapons drawn and destruction in their eyes, at first I thought it’s a blessing in disguise, what a better way to skip payment then disappearing in a middle of a bar brawl, but then I heard the screams from the outside and decided to play the odds inside. The first wave was pretty easy, the lizard turned out to be a servant of Moradin, using both his brute strength and petty divine powers to confront them. He wasn’t the only one to do so, a hunter joined him quickly and another man of faith, this time a follower of the raven queen started channeling his powers to the fight. I wasn’t planning on doing too much but than came in a goblin mage and I figured that this isn’t a bar brawl it’s an organized attack on Brindol.

As the waves came pouring in I started putting my new powers to use, sending their souls to the fiery depths of the infernal planes and gaining more and more vitality in return…it was intoxicating!

We triumphed the battle in-house only to find a greater challenge outside. I used the mayhem to collect my well earned pay for saving the inn.

The lizard proved to be an excellent canon fodder against the ogre bombardier and the servant of the raven queen knows the divine secrets of healing, with the swiftness of the hunter they were quite a mach for the three monsters but all good things must come to an end and the only way to fight fire is with fire.

After the attack ended the little but none clue the attacker left is an emblem of a red hand, with a vague resemblance to the original red hand marauders from ten years ago.

We ended the day with a proper introduction the cleric goes by the name Geralt the lizard is known as Baltar the hunter’s name is Eldárwen Telemmaitë and me.

The next morning one of the town’s nobles called us and hired us to a search and rescue mission, all in all getting kicked out of the tower is turning to be a much more fun and lucrative experience then I originally thought it would be.

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