Chronicles of the 4th circle

Session 3

Recalled by Baltar

Now this is what i call a dungeon Crawl, we stumbled into another room filled with Goblin scum, and the Cleric blew the element of surprise, so I had to Rush in and bring up the heat. even though foe’s started to evaporate, others joined in the fray, the elf and eladrin ranged pretty well, and the priest bullrushed a goblin to a nearby hole ( gutsy move ). while dealing with the last goblin from afar, the priest managed to fall to the hole, and a a roaring sound echoed. since i reckoned that whatever is down there will eat him, by the time we pull him out, i jumped right in.

it was a hard battle, but we triumphed over the giant lizards, with the aid of Moradin we managed to take them out. we worked together pretty well. after a hard battle, the elf scouted the perimeter. the Eladrin ( or as my people call them “magical midgets” ) performed some sort of weird ritual, looks fishy… better keep an eye on that midget.

we found one of the survivors…. she’ll wait till we come for her again…. can’t take her with us since she won’t shut up. we go back up to find another chamber with a shimmering picture, the midget says it’s some sort of portal, and once we enter the room, 3 blobs come out. one shapeless orange, and 2 humanoid green shapes, the are very fierce, and it took everything we had to take them out. we all did very well i managed to pull their attacks, and the others did their part. the cleric healed, the elf’s shots were accurate and the midget is very powerful….. a magical midget indeed.

this place is hard, but by the Aid of Moradin we will triumph and prevail. “I am the righteous shield of Moradin, and a sword in his mighty hand! I fear no evil!”



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