Chronicles of the 4th circle

Session 2

Recalled by the DM

The party questioned a captured hobgoblin from the attacks and had him draw a map for them to the base of the new Red Hand – the ruins of an old castle named Rivenroar.

As they reached the mountains where the castle is located, Eldarwen took it upon himself to guide them through the trecherous mountain passes. Although he managed to get somewhat lost, he did finally lead the party to the ruins of the castle, not before leading them into the lair of a vicious bear. The fight with the bear, ended with Kabalore sending the wounded bear over the ledge of the cliff on which they were fighting.

The castle was completely ruined. The only intact remnant was the door built into the face of the cliff leading to the catacombs. As they entered the catacombs, they faced their first obstacle in the form of 2 hobgoblins and 2 goblins guarding the entrance hall to the catacombs.

After a long an hard battle, the party was victorious although Geralt nearly met his match in the battle, and ended up unconcious.



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